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5.01.2009 - 23 comments 

As many of you know, when Mrs. LZ and I are in a different (either medium or large sized) town, we usually try and venture out to check out the local botanical garden to see what they have to offer. Some of these have turned out to be real treasures and not always necessarily expected.

I would say that was exactly the way we thought about our experience at the Denver Botanic Gardens. We were not expecting anything as nice or certainly as large as perhaps the Chicago Botanic Gardens but also nothing as nice as what we found there.

The Denver Botanic Gardens are located at York Street right downtown between Cheeseman Park on the West and Congress Park on the Southeast of gardens. The gardens actually presents a very wide range of gardens and collections that illustrate an ever-widening diversity of plants from all corners of the world. Not just from the Colorado area. These distinctive gardens define and celebrate their Western identity and a unique high altitude climate and geography.

An additional uniqueness about the gardens here in Denver is that many of their innovative gardens are in fact models of drought-tolerance and they also showcase native and adapted plants that thrive in many Western gardens in several of the adjoining states.

Throughout the Denver Botanic Gardens, there are time honored traditions of European horticulture merged with a dynamic diversity of plants and design that represent the best in local horticultural achievement.

Denver Botanic Gardens is an accredited museum by the American Association of Museums, with scientifically documented living collections and two preserved collections. The garden’s Plant Records Department manages botanical and horticultural information for over 16,000 taxa (plural of the name applied to a taxonomic group in a formal system of nomenclature) in over 250 plant families.

While there we had to evade several little downpours, which could help explain my "less than normal" amount of photos. Of course it could be that I was just busy enjoying the beauty all around me.

This Denver Botanic Gardens was a hit in LZ's Places to see while you are in Denver.

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