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7.02.2008 - 17 comments 

As promised this time we are going to take a look at this beautiful part of the world from the air via a Jack Harter Helicopter. From the minute we walked out to the helio-pad, I was excited. Jack met us once we were seated and told us to put on our headphones so that we could hear his narration of exactly what we were viewing on this 60 minute trip over the island of Kauai. This actually took longer than the hour, just because Jack likes to make each trip a little unique. This was also a plus in my book.

When we took off, I was surprised at how much smoother the flight was as compared to those chopper flights I took all the time when I was in Vietnam in those Army Vertol CH-47 Chinooks and Bell UH-1 Iroquois Hueys that we called Slicks. This thing was very comfortable and enjoyable. Well, and I suppose that the fact that no one was shooting at us also made it much more relaxed and comfortably too.

This was the one thing that I really wanted to do while on Kauai. I had heard that it was the garden island and I wanted to see just how beautiful those areas were that you could only view from a helicopter and thankfully Jack did just that by taking us over to many areas of the island that are just not really accessible by any other form of transportation. The waterfalls from the movie “Jurassic Park” were just a few of the really cool things that Jack took us over to see. I may include a couple of those falls shots as well (even though) they were not actually on the Napali Coast.

I really can’t say enough about Jack’s abilities as a chopper pilot, but additionally he knew Kauai like the back of his hand. He simply would not let a sight go by without first pointing it out to make sure that we all saw EVERYTHING. And by everything... I mean; The Nawiliwili Harbor and the Menehune Fishpond, Kipu Kai and the Tunnel of Trees, Manawaiopuna Falls in Hanapepe Valley, Olokele Canyon's and its pristine beauty, Waimea Canyon (also called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific), the North Shore beaches from Ke'e to Hanalei Bay and Valley. Hanalei Bay is also where my Rough Rider buddy’s Zodiac Boat took off from.

Jack also made sure that we saw Mt. Waialeale and the heart of Kauai's ancient volcano and finally, Wailua Falls and of course, my favorite Na Pali's spectacular sea cliffs and valleys. Jack also pointed out where the “Wettest Place in the world was”. I think he said that it gets 600 inches of rain a year up there. Of course as you might imagine with that much rain, it was cloudy and raining up there.

Jack was also insistent about getting a view of the island through a rainbow and made sure that we all got a chance to get a photo of that event. Before this trip, no one had told Mrs. LZ and me about Jack Harter and his helicopter tours, but his helicopter business was associated with the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club, where we were staying on Kalapaki Beach, in Lihue. The hotel concierge recommended him very highly, but not until this flight was completed did I understand why. This time with Jack Harter in his helicopter over Kauai was truly the highlight of our trip to Kauai. I hope you enjoyed it too? Jack Harter gets the “LZ Five Star Award for Quality Service” in my book!

Now Mrs. LZ and I are off for the Fourth of July Celebration at BlogStock '08! With some of our blogging buddies. I hope if I don't see you there that all of you Americans have a safe and Happy Fourth of July holiday.

"We invite you to escape the ordinary; to leave the byways of man and immerse yourself in the wilderness grandeur of the Garden Isle. Only by exploring its natural wonders can you truly capture the meaning of this glorious island." ~ Jack and Bev Harter