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7.22.2008 - 28 comments 

Ok! Ok! I know that some of you may think will this party "never end" here in Tekamah, Nebraska? But I just wanted to do this my third and final BlogStock post by showing both the Front and Rear covers of the BlogStock book that Ralph Campbell put together for all of the BlogStock folks. (*As is the case with all my photos... you can just double click to see the larger version of the shot and then just hit the BACK button to return to this page again).

BlogStock '08 Bloggers:

1) Cliff and Marilyn Morrow
2) Jerry Wiley
3) Jamie Dawn
4) Dan & Julie Morrow Family
5) Nora Spitznogle
6) Rachel Phelps
7) Paul Nichols & his wife
8) Desiree Wallace
9) Jim & Mrs. Jim Hovendic
10) Terah Goerzen
11) LZ & Mrs. LZ Blogger (you are already here)
12) Janelle Carson
13) John, Terah & Jacob Goerzen
14) Georgette Jones Family
15) Catherine Harwood Family
16) Ralph & Char Campbell

As I left off on the last post, we had left the winery and arrived at Cliff and Marilyn's farm. This is where the action started moving toward the hamburger and hotdog supper prep activities. As we road for miles and miles down a gravel road, we saw the Burma Shave (type) signs that marked the road to the farm. Not only were these fun to read, but they also made you feel as though you really were NOT lost.

If we had been driving this road by ourselves, this might have been a concern to a city boy like me. When we got to the farm, the first thing I did was to wander the property and started taking shots of the farm equipment, silos, barns, horses, ponies, gardens, corn fields, farm house etc. that were all around the place.

Mrs. LZ both spotted the first cherry tree that either of us had ever remembered seeing. We had no idea that the cherries from this and other cherry trees on Cliff and Marilyn's property would later become one of the gift bag items via the homemade Cherry Jelly jar.

Most of the folks who had not been to the farm, were out exploring it as well. But as more people starting arriving for the burger and dog dinner we all sort of started ending up at the tables under the tent.

This made for a lot of discussion about personal aspects of each of our lives and how we all managed to end up here at BlogStock '08 in Tekamah, Nebraska on the 4th of July in 2008. This information in (and of) itself could have filled a book of many chapters. Such a diverse group of people from all sorts of backgrounds and different interests, but all seemed interested in their blogging buddies own personal stories.

I loved the cover shot of Cliff and Ralph in the "high corn" and it seems completely in tune with the event itself. I did however take some liberties (with the back cover up top) and added the numbers to the photos on that rear cover of the book so that you could see who these bloggers actually were for those of you who may not be familiar with all of the participants. I also included their names beside that rear cover information.

I was extremely happy to see so many of the bloggers that I have enjoyed reading over the time that I have been blogging, but then at the same time, I wished that some of the others who I read on a regular basis (or whom post on my blog) would have been there as well. But what a nice group of people were in attendance even sans a few fellow bloggers I have learned to call friends.

My only disappointment in this whole wonderfully planned BlogStock event (for me) at all, was just Mrs. LZ and I having to leave it before it was all over! Well... and I suppose, the fact that the Cherry Jelly didn't even last through the weekend! Just in case you haven't figured out who Mrs. LZ is... she's the pretty blonde lady in the red and white striped blouse riding in many of the horse shots with Jamie Dawn below.

"The happiest moments my heart knows are those in which it is pouring forth its affections to a few esteemed characters."

~ Thomas Jefferson