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11.23.2007 - 18 comments 

While we were visiting the Grand Teton National Park we were staying in the Jackson Hole area, but the city itself is just called simply Jackson. The town is sometimes mistakenly called Jackson Hole. That name refers only to the valley in which the town is located, not to the town itself.

The one thing that I really loved about this little town was its little central park which had on all four corners of this “city block” long square park was four of these interesting archways made from what looked like deer and antelope horns. These were called the antler arches, and were very unique (at least to me).

There were several other things that were very quaint about the city, like the very old and Historic looking theatre. This seemed to be the only theatre that we saw in town and even still had current movies on its marquee.

Jackson is the principal city of the Jackson, WY-ID Micropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Teton County in Wyoming and Teton County in Idaho. Jackson also has a strong local economy, primarily due to tourism, which has allowed Jackson to develop a large shopping and eating district, centered around the town’s square. Within this district, all sorts of goods can be found with businesses embracing the strong western tradition of the region. I’ve never been in a town that I thought had more western themed art in my life than I found in Jackson.

This town also plays host to the annual Jackson Hole Writers Conference founded by author, Warren Adler. Jackson and the surrounding area has long been a favorite destination for celebrities, many of whom, like Harrison Ford, Vice President Dick Cheney, Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock, maintain part-time residences in and around the town of Jackson. Like I said before on my other post about Moose, Wyoming, we knew that the Vice President was in town, but we never saw anything other than his plane fly into and then parked at the Jackson Hole Airport.

Our favorite place in the city was a little restaurant that we discovered on our final day as we were leaving the city. It was just 1/2 Block North of the Town Square (with the antler arches). It was a place that you had to stand in either one of two different lines just to get into the place. One line was for eating inside the place and the other was for those who were just getting stuff to go. The serving staff there all had cute little t-shirts that read; "Get Your Buns In Here!"

It was one of the best breakfasts I had enjoyed in quite some time. Everything was very natural and I'm sure was environmentally friendly (for those who are into saving the planet). But for us, it was just a very nice place to have a very nice and relaxing breakfast prior to getting back "on the road again". This wonderful little place was called "The Bunnery" and seemed to be frequented by mostly the locals. I say that only because most of the people eating in there seemed to know most of the other people who were also in there.

After we got our bill for breakfast, we just kept adding more and more stuff from their large collection of items that were bagged for purchasing like; their famous O.S.M. (Oats, Sunflower and Millet) bread. Their Bunnery gift baskets included; 1 pound Granola, 1 pound Bread Mix, 1 pound Pancake Mix, 1 bottle Huckleberry syrup, and 1 jar Teton Wildflower Honey. And then, you can't forget their tantalizing desserts. After we added it all up, I decided to forgo what I really wanted... one of those t-shirts that had their famous quote stenciled on its front.

If you ever find yourself in Jackson, I'd definitely recommend the Bunnery for breakfast (and MORE)... like they said in Jackson;

"GET YOUR BUNS IN HERE!" ~ The Bunnery