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11.15.2007 - 34 comments 

I could not really forget to blog on the one place in the Grand Tetons that really gave me pause to reflect on the majesty and beauty that our creator bestowed on this area as that which I felt while visiting this tiny little church which was literally out in the middle of nowhere.

As Mrs. LZ and I walked up to this place, we thought "can you imagine people coming out here to worship in the dead of winter oh so many decades ago?" Then we walked up to this little humble building and started to read the sign on the outside of fence around this place, which stated;

"The name "Transfiguration" is taken from the event in our Lord's earthly life in which, during a time of prayer and meditation in the mountains, Jesus appeared to His disciples "transfigured." They saw him no longer as a simple man, but as an intense light they perceived a glory beyond His ordinary appearance.

The name is apt because, in the presence of this magnificence and grandeur, some small hint of that eternal majesty is conveyed to those of us who pause and, in quiet, worship. Like the disciples on the mount 2,000 years ago, we would like to stay here. We cannot ~ we must return to our lives - but, like those disciples, please take away with you the vision of the power and beauty of God's presence in the world."

After we read this sign and then walked inside this tiny chapel, we were simply blown away by the gloriousness of the setting of the Teton mountains, which were the real GLORY of this place. If you click on the first and then second shots of this place (below), you can get at least some idea of what worshipping in this place must be like. It’s just almost too beautiful to be able to perceive. Neither words, nor photos does this place the justice its beauty truly deserves.

The Chapel of the Transfiguration is located within Grand Teton National Park on property owned and maintained by St. John's Episcopal Church of Jackson, Wyoming. The chapel is one of the most visited religious structures in America and has been seen and admired by thousands of tourists from all over the world who have visited the Tetons each summer since the chapel was built in 1925.

The chapel was purposely built in the center of the dude ranch country. It was erected through private contributions as a venture of faith, and is an example of how the early settlers in the valley met their needs by sharing resources. The land was donated by Maud Noble, money was donated by the dude ranches, and labor was donated by those the chapel would serve. It is part of Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places 4/10/80.

At this time before the Thanksgiving holiday, it seems only significant to show our thanks for all of the beautiful things that God has truly blessed us with! May you ALL have a THANKS filled week! ~ lz///

"And Jesus took Peter, James and John and He led them up a high mountain... and He was transfigured before them and His garments became radiant and exceedingly white." Mark 9:2&3