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7.11.2006 - 17 comments 

This was actually still part of our summer vacation this year. I took this picture literally a couple of weeks ago. You will find Table Rock Lake winding down through the valleys and hollows of the Ozark Mountains, from Branson, Missouri to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Table Rock Lake reaches out for your attention with water as blue as the sky. Table Rock Lake is famous as an all around recreation lake. There are access areas are provided by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Most have a camping area along with boat launching into the crystal clear Table Rock Lake waters. Designed, built and operated by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Table Rock Lake has become a paradise for boaters, scuba divers, campers and fishermen alike. Camping enthusiasts are treated to thirteen Corps of Engineers operated campgrounds located adjacent to Table Rock Lake.

Full service marinas operate on Table Rock Lake at various locations to provide service and convenience to boaters. Over 100 resorts are located adjacent to Table Rock Lake and provide visitors with numerous water-related activities. For those visitors who do not want to operate a boat but still wanting to experience the beauty of the area from the water, five commercial boat cruises or rides operate on Table Rock Lake. This 52,300-acres of Table Rock Lake is known as the clean, clear, warm and blue lake.Thus the 800 miles of shore line is the home of scuba diving through out the year. In the spring, you run into some of the most aggressive bass, crappie, walleye, catfish, spoonbill you will find anywhere. They grow big in a hurry by feasting on baby shad and bluegills.

When the Table Rock Lake was built in 1958, they did not clear any of the trees beneath the water level thus there are many cedars and hardwoods on the bottom. This creates very good habitat in which the fish can settle. Table Rock Lake is located among the beautiful hills of Ozark Mountain Country. Because of the Ozark Mountains the coves and scenery along the TableRock Lake vary from shadow to very steep, from meadows to steep rocky bluffs. This offers shadow water as well as deep water for fishing and water sports. The scenery along the banks of TableRock Lake are beautiful, the fishing is great and there are some caves on the banks that visitors like us love exploring.

As you may remember from the previous post, on the other side of the dam that created Table Rock Lake, is the location of Lake Taneycomo. Table Rock Lake was very nice and also very picturesque. We all enjoyed our week there. Oh... and for those of you have been to Branson and ridden on the Ducks... this was our first expiernce both in the Ducks and on the lake. They are actually World War II amphibious water/landing craft that can also drive like a bus on the street. They give you these silly Duck (QUACK) whistles that you are supposed to quack at the other tourist-filled Ducks, as you see them on the street. There are only two places int the world that you can ride these vehicles, one is "The Dells" in Wisconsin and the other is right here in Branson, Missiouri. Where this picture was taken is about the same area in which we took the Ducks into Table Rock Lake. They really were a kick! Posted by Picasa