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6.26.2006 - 42 comments 

What better way to start off the new LOOK of my Blogsite, than to use a shot from the one that gave me the whole idea for the "LAZY Blogger" blogsite name. This shot was taken on the same morning as the one on the top of my blog (since its inception).

I remember walking out in the early morning at the beach right by our hotel in Surfers Paradise, in Australia. I remember the two pelicans out playing along in the low tide and looking for a little fish for breakfast. I also saw a couple of fishing boats as the sun started to finally show up on the horizon after being blocked by some low clouds that morning.

When the sun finally got high enough for me to see the controls on my cameras, I just stated shooting everything that I saw. Surfers Paradise is the most frequented of the Gold Coast suburbs and symbolises what most people would associate with the region. Magnificent high rise apartment towers, outdoor dining, the beach and fun. A concentration of high rise towers dominate the skyline making the other Gold Coast towns look well and truly under developed. This is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia and it is not surprising that one of, if not the World's tallest residential towers, Q1 was compleated in 2005 at 'Surfers'. It stands 80 stories high offering views to as far as Brisbane.

Surfers Paradise is adjacent to the more restrained Broadbeach, being connected by the miles of golden beach which gives the area its name. References to surf culture are everywhere from the tall surfboard sculptures at the entrance of the Cavill Mall precinct to the street furniture and outdoor seating. Don't be surprised to see surfers, with their boards in arm, walking to and from the beach. Although the surfing here has a good reputation, dangerous currents and rip tides can get unsuspecting bathers into serious trouble so always swim between the flags on patrolled sections of the beach.

At the heart of Surfers Paradise is the bustling, always busy Cavill Mall. This is a pedestrianised precinct running between The Esplanade, on the breachfront, and The Gold Coast Highway. Cavill Mall is lined by fast food outlets, outdoor cafes, bars and restaurants and is the location for buskers and street entertainers, amusement arcades, Ripleys Believe It Or Not, the Hard Rock Cafe and shopping malls.

We spent a week at the Marriott Resort in Surfers, but on this particular day, it was truly a memorable morning and one I won't soon forget (especially with about 50 shots of it to remember). I shot it both with 35 MM film and digitally. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. (But I don't know HOW that would be possible!) Posted by Picasa