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5.01.2006 - 16 comments 

I know that you are probably asking yourself, "Hasn't LAZY already posted this one before?" Well the truth is "YES I HAVE!" But I don't ever remember seeing a place I thought was more beautiful than the Napali Coast of Kauai. I could literally post pictures of this place I took everyday for months.

This was another shot taken from our helicopter ride over the island. I had myself loaded up with two still cameras and one movie camera and was afraid that no matter which one I was using, it would be the wrong one to capture the beauty of this area.

Speaking of cameras… in the last couple of months of my blogging, I have had several requests about the type of photographic equipment I use in my travels. So for those of you who could care less, you can stop reading now. For the others, here goes: I have a Canon FT QT 35mm with a 55MM F1.2 lens, a Canon EOS Elan with a 35-105mm F1.4 lens and a Canon Digital Rebel with a 18-55MM lens. For a telephoto, I use a Canon 75-300MM lens on both the Elan and the Digital Rebel.

I like the simpleness and speed of the digital cameras, but as far as quality, (in my opinion) even the 20 mega-pixel digital cameras cannot capture the subtle differences in the sky and the clouds that film can. But for everything else... the ease of digital cannot be topped. Where else can you take 250 pictures in a day on one little memory card and then get immediate feedback on how your shots came out?