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5.19.2006 - 26 comments 

This was from one of my many trips to Niagra Falls (a place that no matter how many times you've seen it, is still impressive). This was taken in late Autumn. I took this particular shot from one of several towers that are in Canada overlooking the falls. It was taken from one of those revolving restaurants which goes around once an hour.

I had posted a shot of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls a couple of months ago. This is actually the OTHER half of the falls. There is a small island (which would be to the right in this picture) between this "The American Falls" shown here and the "Canadian Horseshoe Falls" (of the previous post).

The river that runs in front of the falls, is the actual U.S./ Canadian border. The town you can see behind the falls is Niagra Falls, NY. The area where I am taking the picture from, is in the city of Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada. If you look closely you may even see the plant that had made the first "Shredded Wheat".

Shredded Wheat was the first prepared cereal in the world and was created by Henry D. Perky to find a cure for a stomach ailment. Perky experimented with wheat and made it more appetizing by shredding the cooked wheat. He then discovered that toasting the biscuit greatly improved the flavour and stated that it was the "most perfect food that was ever devised for the nourishment of man".

At first Perky made machines for home-sale use but by 1893 he started to sell the finished Shredded Wheat biscuit in the New England states. When hydro power was first being developed at Niagara Falls, he built a model bakery on the American side of the river.